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Imagine "waking up with makeup" and not having to worry about accidentally smearing off your brows mid day, sweating your eyebrows off at the gym or filling in your brows while on vacation! It truly can be life changing.


Let us help you create beautiful, healthy, long-lasting results while catering to each individual client’s needs.


NanoBrows (NanoNeedling) is a new brow treatment that uses ultra-sharp nano needles that can actually mimic the diameter and dimension of a real hair in the skin. Nano needling or micropigmentation, uses a conventional needle device. Since the needle sits approximately 0.75mm outside the cartridge it is easier to apply the precise pressure to create the perfect crisp hair strokes. Thus, it tends to be a much cleaner process. The very tip of the needle is dipped into the pigment and the vibration pulls the pigment down into the cartridge. It is then dispensed gradually from the needle into the skin, allowing for a controlled movement.

It is all about creating the best shape for your face.

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Master Trainer

Ludimilla Leite

I came from a professionally known family of hairdressers. I became a hairdresser at a young age, through this world of beauty it became natural for me. Interest in Microblading began when my clients pressured me to do Microblading on them. In 2017, I attended a David Nguyen Masters Microblading class because that was when I discovered my great passion. Since then I have been spend a great deal of time and effort honing my Microblading and Nanobrow skills and techniques.

I was recognized by David Nguyen, a master coach of the World Cup. Recently, I was invited to work with him. Thus, simply showing David's deep confidence in his work. My vision is to share my knowledge and techniques of Microblading and Nanobrows to people who have a passion for this world of beauty.

In addition to being a Microblading trainer, Ludimilla is also a professional makeup and hair beauty artist.

Nanobrow VS. Microblading

How Long do Nanobrows last?

Do Nanobrows hurt?

Real Clients. Real Results.


Nanobrows VS. Microblading

The difference is that Nanoblading uses a smaller needle than Microblading. Precision and accuracy improves because of the smaller needle, allowing for more natural looking results. A smaller needle also means less pain and bleeding. Another difference involves how long results last.


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