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Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen is the world’s most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, and sagging, dull skin. The Plasma Pen is an FDA approved, CE approved device used to perform fibroblast therapy, a technique used to stimulate production of collagen in the skin.

Our highly trained and certified Plasma Pen technicians use the device to delivery soft-surgery plasma fibroblasting. The plasma significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces, and regenerates practically any area of the skin.


Why Plasma Pen?

As we age, the dermal layer thins and less collagen is produced which causes our skin to wrinkle and sag. The Plasma Pen and our fibroblasting technique are designed to dramatically repair, reverse, and mitigate these signs of aging.

What is PlasmaPen?

While often described as the fourth state of matter, plasma is actually a gas. Unlike ordinary neutral gases though, plasma is made up of positively charged and ionised molecules which are able to roam freely and fast. Plasma gas is able to do things that ordinary gases simply cannot do, such as conduct electricity, create magnetic fields and enable electrostatic interactions. Plasma gases exhibit coherent, collective qualities that neutral gases don’t and this makes them dynamic yet controllable. 

We see plasma in action all the time – plasma televisions and neon signs are both good examples. In the case of plasma TV’s, a gas such as argon is injected between two glass panels and an electrical current is passed through the gas enabling it to glow and emit specific colors. The science behind plasma goes back well over a century to people like Tesla, so we didn’t invent it. Nor were we the first ones to commercialize it. We have however miniaturized and perfected it to create an innovative plasma treatment for the face and body.

Through our Plasma Pen, the nitrogen plasma energy we create transfers rapidly to the skins epidermal layer, whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. We can sustain our nitrogen plasma discharge for as long as we like thanks both to our continuous AC power source and our devices fingertip, on-demand control. Multiple failsafes within the device ensure that if we touch the skin or are too far away from it then the creation and delivery of plasma immediately ceases.

How Does It Differ From Cosmetic Surgery?

We offer arguably the only treatment, outside of surgery, that can be safely performed on the eyelids (non-surgical blepharoplasty). We’re probably the only genuine plasma device capable of safely treating upper and lower eyelids during the same treatment session. Using our device, technicians are actually able to perform most cosmetic surgery procedures with similar effects and outcomes including rhytidectomies, jawline augmentations, neck lifts, browplasties, tummy tucks, brachioplasty and much more. We just do it all in a completely non-surgical and non-invasive way.

Plasma Pen has scores and scores of cosmetic surgeon clients – and they all agree that combining plasma treatment with full aesthetic facial surgery dramatically enhances their own surgical procedures – especially for the forehead, periorbital, midface, perioral and lowerface regions. Plasma Pen often mitigates the need for costly and invasive surgery at all.

plasma pen blepharoplasty non surgical wrinkle reduction

Plasma Pen Treatable Areas

  • Eyebrow Lift

  • Periorbital Region & Infraorbital Folds & Creases

  • Frown/Relax Lines & Creases, Glabella Area, Between the Brow

  • Forehead spot Work on Horizontal Lines/ Worry Lines/Skin Tension Lines

  • Full Forehead Lift

  • Hollow Temples

  • Crows Feet

  • Non- Surgical Blepharoplasty for Upper/Lower Lids/Bags/Hoods

  • Horizontal Lines/ Bunny Lines & Rhinophyma

  • Cheek Lift/ Skin Tension Lines/ Rosacea & Rejuvenation

  • Tear Troughs

  • Nasolabial Folds

  • Ear Lobe Rejuvenation

  • Accordion Lines & Folds

  • Oral Commissures/Mouth Corners

  • Jowl/Jawline Tightening & Augmentation



  • Philtral Crest, Vertical Lines/Smokers Lines/Perioral Lines/Peritoneal Folds/Lipstick Lines

  • Smile Lines/Parentheses & Marionette Line

  • Labiomental Crease, Chin Lines & Chin Augmentation

  • Non-Surgical Facelifts/Mini/Mid/Full

  • Overall Facial Resurfacing & Rejuvenation

  • 2Necklift /Turkey Nec

  • Neck Lines/Neck Cords/Banding

  • Wrinkled Hands

  • Stomachs & Stretchmarks

  • Breasts/Breastlifts/ Décolleté

  • Legs & Knees

  • Scars

  • Loose Arm Skin/Sagging $985+

  • Skin Tags, Blemishes & Hemangiomas

  • Thread Veins

Book your Plasma Pen consultation today!

If you think the Plasma Pen treatment may be right for you, we invite you to book a free 30 minute Plasma Pen consultation. During this consultation, we will evaluate your skin, discuss risks and contraindications, and answer any questions you have regarding the treatment.

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