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Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Atrophy
  • Laxity
  • Problems with sexual  satisfaction
  • Air trapping
  • Changes after childbirth
  • Changes after menopause

Millions of women have sudden urine loss or stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The condition causes them to leak urine when they laugh, sneeze, cough, or during exercise. Female SUI is caused in part by an improperly functioning urethra. Unlike other types of incontinence, SUI is not a problem of the bladder. Normally, the urethra maintains a tight seal to prevent involuntary loss of urine. In a woman with SUI, muscle and pelvic tissue weakened by childbirth or other causes are unable to adequately support the urethra in its correct position. As a result, when pressure is exerted on the bladder from the diaphragm during sudden movements, the urethra cannot maintain its seal and urine escapes.

We offer non-surgical, in-office treatments with the Geneveve. 

This non-invasive option is designed to not only improve stress urinary incontinence but also other vaginal health concerns.