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"KYMA is amazing, along with all their staff. I have been going for over five years and they truly are top in the business for any of your skin care needs. They saved my skin. I have gone to multiple spas over the years and skin care salons, and have never gone to another since beginning with KYMA. I have had numerous services there, and each and every one was done with such care and professionalism. The results are amazing. Every skin care professional I have had a service with, along with Dr. Varkarakis, are truly honest and knowledgeable about what is the best for your skin and body. They care about you, and what can work for you. They realize that each and everyone is different and give you the individualize plan and treatment that is best for you. The front desk, Erin, truly accommodates any of your scheduling needs. I cannot thank them enough, especially Beth, she is a rock star in the field of anti-aging skin care!" - T.F.


"I am so pleased with the "treatments" I received at Kyma. My first appointment Trent was over an hour of consultation, no pressure st all! After some time going over my recommendations, I decided to go forward! I am SO happy that I did. The team that worked with me was above and beyond my expectations. They were very resourceful with their ongoing information step by step. Always i as the patient was their first and foremost concern. Careful to see how I was tolerating the process and very gentle. Never once was I nervous once we started! Four , yes four hours later we were done. Not that I had that much done but all were so careful and took their time to make sure I was aware of what it was they were doing and why , point by point! The contact and check up once I was home was beyond belief. I have not been to a Dr. that has that type of patient care in a long time! I am now a week out and have had many compliments on my skin, but no mention as to did I have something done/ lifted! Very natural and I go for my follow up Monday! I have so much newfound confidence and am so happy! I will be a patient for a long time! Keep up the beautiful job you do!" -D.D.

“Christine and Lesley have performed miracles on my face, I feels years younger. Always friendly and informative. Erin and Beth are always friendly and the spa is very welcoming! Wouldn’t go anywhere else. “ -D.W.

“I shouldn’t feel bad for who I am, and when I looked at myself when I left it was somebody I recognized but from 10 years ago” - T.C.

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